Past Conferences

International Conference on Research in Business - 2016

The theme for the conference was –“Business Management in 21st century: Role of Academic Research”.The papers presented in the conference were comprising varied fields and perspectives revolving around the theme. There were a huge number of participants.

Photo Gallery of ICRB 2016 Schedule of ICRB 2016


Dr. Aashiq Hussain Lone

Dr. Anila Khalid

Mr. Abhrajit Sarkar

Mr. Aniruddh Vijay

Mr. Anoop Sharma

Mr. Avinash Buragohain

Dr. Bindu V.T

Mr. Carolijn Van Noort

Dr. Chanchal Chopra

Mr. Debashish Pal Chaudhuri

Mr. Deepankar Bhattacharjee

Ms. Dolly Roy

Ms. Jyoti Mishra

Mr. Mayukh Thakur

Dr. P. Vanitha

Mr. Parthajit Doley

Ms. Priyanka Singh

Dr. R H Pavithra

Ms. Ritika Asthana

Dr. Sanjay Sathpathy

Ms. Shipra Shrivastava

Ms. Shivani Malhan

Dr. Soheli Ghose

Dr. Yashpal Negi